Teresa Gaye Hitch
Mixed Media and Acrylics


Internationally acclaimed artist and educator, Noel Hodnett, guest juror, wrote:

"I would like to thank the FCA for allowing me the opportunity of selecting those entries I believe warrant recognition for the many hours spent in the studio.

I believe it is important that artists should be encouraged to find their own personal metier and create works that expand the boundaries of art and not merely produce works that look like "art."

...Painting is a process of transforming a multi-dimensional intellectual concept or experience onto a two-dimensional surface using a skilled hand and an informed eye. Translating those ever-changing experiences of the senses into a series of marks on a blank canvas is what I believe painting should be about.

With these thoughts in mind...I have attempted to select the works that come closest to what I believe to be a synthesis of intellect and artistic ability. What I have looked for in the 577 images received this year is an individual yet honest approach, not only with regard to the chosen suject matter and how it has been applied to the surface, but whether the painting, irrespective of subject or stylistic genre, in my opinion actually 'works' in terms of composition, colour and form...and has something meaningful to convey to the viewer. In other words, can it stand the test of time?"

"Painting on the Edge, 5th Annual Open International Juried Exhibition" catalogue, August 23 to September 9, 2007.