Teresa Gaye Hitch
Mixed Media and Acrylics

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to me the feeling is so connected in your work, and creating that connection as part of a larger shared experience is the art, thank you
Tim Lee - 13 May 2018
Beautiful work, cousin!! Amazing gift you have been given!!
Kathy Leonard - 8 Nov 2014
Absolutely captivating! Sometimes things as beautiful and heartfelt as these works are...well, simply undescribable regarding their beauty, creativity and roots to Mother Earth, by a very channeled innovator and artist. I thank you endlessly...
Tim Gnazale - 3 Jun 2014
Hi Teresa Always a pleasure to see your warm loving smile. Love your presence and your art. Gordie
G Clay - 8 Jan 2011
Teresa, Your work is glorious! I stand in awe of your talent. I enjoyed reading the comments of others, some of whom I know personally. And among them, the honour bestowed by your parents. Something to treasure always.
Helen Hinchliff - 7 Jan 2011
Waves of colour flowing from one painting to another: Morning Light especially a relection of you - inner/outer joy....delightful. I like your work - very much. Also the quotations give pause for thought.
Susan Bracher - 6 Sep 2010
Teresa, I am really impressed. Your work just shimmers - stealing the radiant sparkling textural beauty directly from your imagination. Congratulations.
Isabel Hasnas - 28 Feb 2010
We met at the theatre last night - Susan Aklukark's concert. Your work is beautiful. Thank you for sharing, Teresa. Alice Pallett, Kelowna
Alice Pallett - 1 Nov 2009
yes I "got" Booth Bay when I saw your painting "Estuary" at Artcraft - I loved it. All your other paintings too. You have such a unique voice and it is nice to see you getting your work out and getting the recognition you so deserve. XO Caffyn
Caffyn Kelley - 18 Apr 2009
The triolgy "Kelp Forest" hangs in my clinic in London. I take enormous pleasure in transporting myself back to the wonders of BC when I gaze at it. Thank you!
kay Crotty - 28 Feb 2009
Your art is so evocative yet it flows from a calm and connected center. Through primal swirls and splats, and carefully textured tableaux, earth energies sing and speak through your brush.
Oona McOuat - 20 Dec 2008
WOW Teresa, an artist all your life! Thanks for sharing the early work. Your perspective is towering...I imagine you on a hill in Saltspring.
Franci Louann - 11 Aug 2008
Teresa, the richness of the colours and the textures are incredible. thanks for giving me hope i'll paint again. if matisse can strap a paint brush to his hand maybe i can learn to paint left handed!
Pat Shepherd - 14 May 2008
Teresa: At age 19, I fell in love with your wild flower cuisine! Now, all these years later, I have fallen in love again, this time with your 'Storm'. Thank you for this creation!
Michael Fleming - 8 Mar 2008
I enjoy your paintings very much. You manage to paint words with pictures.
Lydia Neilson - 28 Feb 2008
I met your mother at my sister's home and she spoke so proudly of your work. My sister Beverly,sent your website to me so I could see your paintings. Wow!!! I love your use of colour, movement, light and texture :) I truly enjoyed seeing your paintings. They are inspirational!
Janet Palubski (Stoney Creek, Ontario) - 30 Dec 2007
My mother emailed me with your website, feeling sure I'd like your work. I wrote back to her afterwards: "Teresa's feel for colour and texture and what she does with them is breathtaking. I feel like I want to crawl into [her paintings] or lie in them, be part of them. I've fallen in love."
Helen Mendes - 19 Nov 2007
I really love the glowing, shimmering, alive quality of your images -- and especially the interaction between light and water. There is a small piece in your current show here on Salt Spring, Sansum Winter, that I was especially drawn to -- its so evocative of that complex time of year! Thanks so much for putting them on display for us.
Judi Stevenson - 22 Oct 2007
I like you ocean paintings especially the oceanic blossom
Nicola Swain - 21 Oct 2007
Teresa, Your work is beautifully rendered and showcases your mastery of form, color, light and space. I am very much looking forward to studying each work more closely and, when possible, seeing your work in person. You are an exceptionally talented artist. Congratulations on your many accomplishments. Best wishes, McKinley 'Joe' Williams
McKinley Williams - 15 Oct 2007
It was a pleasant surprise to run into you at the Filberg Festival. Your pictures on your website are fascinating and inspiring - especially the Ocean and Storm paintings.
Vreni Blatter - 15 Oct 2007
Very well done Miss Hitch
Walter Godard - 13 Oct 2007
Your paintings sparkle like jems!
Verna Meyer - 1 Oct 2007
Beautiful, Teresa! Just glimmering. My favorite (no surprise) is your "Sky" series. I get such a feeling of being IN the landscape from your paintings, of clamboring rocks in glowing light, the sea air, etc. Lovely...
Sarah Spector (www.sarahspector.com-paintings) - 10 Sep 2007
Very good Teresa, congratulations on your exciting work and your evolved contribution to the world of magic and mystery.
robert genn - 8 Sep 2007
WOW Teresa WOW! (in a word) Gracias!
Franci Louann - 25 Aug 2007
Your painting was inspirational. It caught my attention immediately and drew me back for several more looks. Hope to have the opportunity to continue seeing your art. Thanks for the invite - 24 Aug 2007
Suzie London - 25 Aug 2007
my favorite piece on this site is Land. The wave effect looks like sandstone, sand or layers of earth. Nice job!
Fenella Wilson - 23 Aug 2007
Your work is magnificent! Always inspirational! So happy you've made a name for yourself on Saltspring and that your still showing in White Rock. Love the Web site. It really shows off you art,the inspiration and women behind it. Keep on creating my friend!
Fenella Wilson - 23 Aug 2007
Beautiful Teresa! I especially enjoyed the Ocean section. Morning Light was my favourite.
Clint Maxwell - 23 Aug 2007
Your paintings are beautiful and from the heart - may that journey of discovery continue!
Ursula Wild - 19 Aug 2007
Great! I'm not only mightily impressed with your paintings, but also your ability to set up a fine web sit.
Jean & Roger Owen - 18 Aug 2007
You capture the feeling when you paint. I love both the colour and the movement in your work.
Becky McMahon - 18 Aug 2007
Hi Teresa! Just saying hi and sending a hug. Beautiful paintings, thanks for sending the link.
Kate Howerton - 18 Aug 2007
Thank you Teresa for being inspired by your wonderful surroundings and showing the world how beautiful the West Coast of Canada truly is. Helen Carter - 17 August 2007
Helen Carter - 17 Aug 2007
Finally see your web page. I am impressed withyour writings as well as your art work. What else can a mother say?? ??tickets
hilda hitch - 17 Aug 2007
all so perfect --what else could a proud father say!!
don hitch - 17 Aug 2007
I recommend enlarging the views of the paintings to see the true texture and beauty of the work.
Caede - 16 Aug 2007
Wow, Teresa, I really like the Ocean section and can visualize what you are painting. I spent a lot of time in the kayak this summer.
Sharon Jones - 16 Aug 2007
Well done! You paint like you swim - with gusto!
Ida Marie Threadkell - 16 Aug 2007
Wow, Teresa, these paintings are wonderful! I've always liked your various forms of art work, but this is where you shine! True gems.
Marylke Nieuwenhuis - 16 Aug 2007
Keep on keepin' on Teresa...................
jacqueline - 16 Aug 2007
Many thanks for your treasured comments.
Teresa - 14 Aug 2007
I like the final clean cut look of your website.
Brenda Tillotson - 13 Aug 2007
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