Teresa Gaye Hitch
Mixed Media and Acrylics


Dear Friends:

Today, my website is darkened in solidarity with  Canadian environmental groups.

Two Canadian values are being severely eroded--democracy and nature.

From Nature Canada:
Right now, Parliament is pushing through a bill to weaken almost every one of the country’s most important environmental laws and silence Canadians who want to defend them. The federal government's budget act (C-38) makes it easier to rush headlong into potentially damaging industrial projects, like the Northern Gateway pipeline. And it makes it harder for Canadians to have any say, risking the things Canadians depend on for their health and safety – water, food, air and ecosystems.

Please join me in in standing up for values we cherish--nature and democracy..  We need to stand together in solidarity now, if we are concerned about protecting our democracy and the environment.

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Thank you!


For our future, for what we treasure and hold deeply as Canadians,